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From the Desk of the Pastor

May. 6, 2014

Pastor Bryan Cox

Seeing God’s Perspective in Suffering
Hebrews 12:3-11

This past month has been difficult for me to say the least. What started out as pain in my calf and knee in my left leg was diagnosed as multiple blood clots. One day later I was in an emergency room where I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Three days later I was back in the emergency room where I was diagnosed with extreme dehydration and renal failure. After spending several days in the hospital, I was released where I would spend the next few weeks slowly recuperating. The past thirty days have been filled with painful, sleepless nights, many questions, and a great deal of time to reflect.

What do we do in times of pain and suffering? The first thing I want you to understand is that God always has a purpose in these times. As I reflected and allowed God to speak to me I realized how foolish I had been. My schedule leading up to my illness had gotten out of control. I was spreading myself too thin. The biggest issue was I could not say no because I did not want to disappoint anyone. I was taking on responsibilities that should have been given to someone else. Instead of letting God dictate my schedule and what I did, I allowed my ego and need to please everyone pull me away from the Father’s will for my life.

As I came across Hebrews 12:3-11, the Lord reaffirmed some lessons He was impressing upon me during this trial. Hebrews was written to Christians who were being persecuted for their faith. Many would lose their lives under this Roman persecution. Those young Christians could be tempted to abandon their faith and return to their old way of living.

In vv. 3-4, the writer of Hebrews exhorted those believers to consider Christ-the Christian’s hope and greatest example of who willingly obeyed God in the midst of suffering.

Verses 5-8 use the Greek noun rendered “son” or “sons.” This word denotes a grown son who is an heir. The Lord disciplines those He loves: His children. In vv. 5-6, the writer quotes Proverbs 3:11-12 to remind weary souls that God is not simply watching them, He is training them. Like a good father, God matures and prepares the believer for service (see Job 5:17).

In vv.7-8 the writer of Hebrews underscores a very important point: a lack of suffering in this life is not a sign of favor but of illegitimacy. God does not allow His children to go about their business unchanged. Like a good parent, He disciplines His sons and daughters because He loves them deeply.

Versus 9-10 contains a “lesser” to “greater” argument: if caring human fathers deserve our respect and obedience, how much more the all-loving heavenly Father? Because our heavenly Father makes no mistakes, and knows far more about what His children need to grow and learn than earthly Fathers, we can submit to His loving discipline with full confidence that it will produce the fruit of righteousness (see Ps. 119:67; 1Cor. 11:32).

Finally, in verses 11-13, the writer gives us one final application for our lives: circumstances should not get the best of the believer. Instead, Christians endure, get a second wind, and compete in the race.

Those who have passed through the training, discipline, and correction of the Lord know it is painful, but not permanent. Believers who endure pain and suffering know God and His faithfulness in ways others cannot (see Isa. 32:17; Matt. 5:1-12).

My encouragement to you is if you are going through pain and suffering, take heart. God is using this to mold and shape you for His future plans. Though it may be painful now, know it is not permanent. There are brighter days ahead of you! The best is yet to come!

Serving Christ, Loving Others, & Growing Together,
Pastor Bryan